Thursday, 13 March 2008


If you can in any way identify with the girl in this video, you are the perfect reader of this blog...

It's Alive!

There are over 12 million blogs in the world. Never before in the history of the human race has there been such a fertile ground for the proliferation of self-indulgent prose, innumerable people expecting us to read the products of their ruminations on the petty details of their quotidian existences. If any proof were needed of Saint Augustine's description of postlapsarian man as homo incurvatus in se, the blogosphere has given it to us in spades. In such a climate, one is well justified in questioning the purpose of yet another new blog.

Fear not, gentle reader, for this is not your average blog! We do not subscribe to the popular notion that the most important thing is self-expression, believing that the only things really worthy of the effort of expression are the things that are much greater than ourselves, things like the meaning of the universe, love, truth, beauty and online word games.

It is to the last of these matters that this blog is dedicated. My esteemed colleagues and fellow-contributors to this blog, if you were to meet them on the street, would not strike you as possessing any distinguishing features that would mark them out from the crowd. But they are different. Very different. In their brains. For in the deep recesses of their crania reside countless bizarre words (in most case floating free of any semantic moorings). Thousands of hours of playing online word games have driven deep ruts into their neural pathways. The most abstruse mysteries of the games of Scrabble and Boggle are now perspicuous to their exalted consciousnesses.

In an act of gracious condescension, these people (when I get around to finding them) have deigned to act as gurus on your route to linguistic enlightenment. This blog will be a resource for all who wish to draw from the wells of their esoteric wisdom. To all who wish to venture on this path, we wish you the greatest of success. May you find this blog to be a constant source of insight and aid on your pilgrimage.